House of the Rising Tanuki-san


  • Complimentary glass of house red or white wine when you dine at the restaurant

Chef Jonathan Leichliter has a vision: to expose people to the Southern and East Asian foods and flavors that he values so much. Along with business partner/fellow chef Adam Norwig, Leichliter established House of the Rising Tanuki-San as a pop-up in Aspen, CO in February 2018, but by November of that year they had decamped to Downtown Austin. Tanuki’s emphasis is on Asian street-style fare with an exciting Southern flair, so expect dishes like cashew noodles (udon noodles, smoked cashew butter), Thai shrimp and cheesy grits served with tamarind-coconut curry sauce and andouille sausage, crispy Chinese chicken and bubble waffles, and brisket-based Kung Pao. Feel free to call this restaurant “Tanuki” for short, which references a Japanese raccoon dog, the god of excess and fun.

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